Olympic Mountains July 2015

Obstruction Point  The Start 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-02 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-03 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-04
Gentian 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-06 Towheaded Babies Ascending Grand Pass
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-09 Summit, Grand Pass Cameron Peak in distance  ....descending east side, Grand Pass 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-12
blueberry feed Lower Cameron Basin 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-15 Ascending Cameron Pass
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-17 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-18 Looking north, down to Upper Cameron Basin 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-20
Cameron Pass! 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-22 Looking south to Lost Pass Lost Pass
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-25 Lost Pass Summit 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-27 Dose Meadows Marmot
Looking north to Lost Pass Ridge,  ........ where Molly and I climbed 17 yrs ago Lost Peak in distance Hayden Pass ascent Thousand Acre Meadows
Thousand Acre Meadows Up Hayden Pass, Day hike Bear print Hayden Pass
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-37 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-38 Looking over to 1,000 Acre  Meadow,  ........ from top of Hayden Pass Lupine leaves, after the rain
Ma, she's pushing me! Mt. Anderson, glacier Brenda yodeling Fireweed
Summit, Hayden Pass 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-46 Gentian 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-48
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-49 Dose Meadows Yummy, Bear food Vanilla Leaf
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-55 Bear Camp Shelter 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-59 Grey Wolf Pass in Distance,  ..... from Bear Camp shelter
Grey Wolf Pass in Distance Red Elderberry Descending Dosewallips 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-66
Thimble berry Lost Peak, in distance, looking west up the Dosewallips valley Devil's Club Gray Wolf turn-off
Bear scratches, high snow access! 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-72 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-73 Grace is carrying far too much
2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-75 Brenda a bracket fungus, Fomie? 2015-Olys-Obs-Dose-78
Dosewallips campground,  ...... deserted from road slide many years ago Jan gets hair wash waterfall on the Dosewallips River Maiden Hair fern
Oregon Grape Dosewallips River  photo by Dave DSC 0425  daveRen Its Dave!  Coming to save us  photo by Dave
Homeward bound Beer & Chips!   What a guy!  THE END                                                photo by Dave